Increase Your Caloric Burn (No Increased Effort Needed)

Written by drtweedt

Yes, although you hear the claims all the time, there is a way to increase your caloric burn without increasing your cardio workout.  In the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, Ashley Binns, a doctoral student at the University of Arkansas, examined the relationship between food, exercise and caloric expenditure in active females.

Looking at the effects of protein consumption alone and with exercise, they found that there is an increase in the total caloric expenditure when protein is consumed prior to exercise.  The increased caloric burn is demonstrate over those who were in the fasting state.  Those who consumed high protein (45% protein) burned more calories than this who either at low protein (15% protein) or were in a fasting state prior to walking on the treadmill.  The additional calories amounted to 185 calories over the next 24 hours.  If the same calorie consumption and exercise amount is carried out through the year, this would equate to a 15 pound weight loss without any additional effort!

This effect is important and reinforces the principles already demonstrated regarding the resting metabolic rate.  In other words, the body burns more calories when isn’t in the self preservation mode of caloric restriction.  Your body knows that food is available and burns more calories. So eat that high protein meal an hour before your morning exercise or drink that protein pre-workout drink to fuel your calorie burning body!

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